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Co-Hosts: Chuck VanderVennet and Rich Warren
Sound: Maurice Smeets
12:00   Spook Handy
12:30  Gathering Time with guest Mara Levine
1:15  Crys Matthews
2:00  Ordinary Elephant
2:45  Garnet Rogers
3:30  Annie and the Hedonists
4:15  Presentation of Inaugural “Woody” Awards to Dave Humphreys, John Scharres, and Rich Warren
4:20  Lifetime Achievement Award and performance: Corky Siegel
5:05  The Donna Herula, Jon Spiegel, & Chris Walz Trio
5:45  All-Sing Finale led by Spook Handy
OPEN MIKE STAGE (Stage Left Café)
Co-Hosts: Mark Lyons and Gloria Burchfield
Sound: Andy Andrick
12:05  Begin sign-ups for Open Mic
12:15  Open Mic begins
1:30  Jim Gary featured performer
2:15  Annie and the Hedonists workshop
3:00  Open Mic continues until 5:30